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Unbuilt Projects

As is the case with most Architects and Interior Designers, I have a few projects that never quite “got-off-the-ground”.  I am presenting four of these projects for your review.  The first project was to be a Municipal Cultural & Arts Center; the Mayor decided to allocate the funds elsewhere.  The second project was a Mediterranean Style single family residence.  After the completion of the construction documents, the owners decided to ‘can’ the project and purchase a house in a historic district of the city (who knew!).  The third project was the Presidential Suite at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Casino at which I had already designed a few projects.  As with the Municipality mentioned above, the hotel management decided to allocate the funds elsewhere (ugh!).  For the fourth project, I have included a portion of the presentation boards for a Spa design at the aforementioned Embassy Suites Hotel The hotel management toyed with the idea of building a Spa for a “moment-and-a-half”; then they backed right out.  I hope you enjoy the images none the less!